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1。Live to be 100 years old .2.Live to the age of one hundred.

我想活到100岁 I want to live to 100 years.

你好,hope用作动词时,后面可接不定式或that从句,但不能接“宾语+不定式”。 这样翻译就好了:I hope I can live to be 100 希望能帮到你,望采纳,谢谢!

the old man is very heath,he can get 100

How to keep healthy 如何保持健康 What is the most important thing in the world?I think it is health.You can take away our money,house,car,or even our clothes and we can survive.But if our health was taken away,we would surely d...

我爷爷希望活到100岁.的英文翻译_ 我爷爷希望活到100岁. My grandfather wants to live to be 100. 重点词汇 爷爷granddad; grandfather; grandpa; grandpapa 希望hope; want; wish; expect

my grandfather hopes he can __live__ __to__ __be__ 100 years old希望我的回答能对你有所帮助 希望采纳

There are only a few people that can live to one hundred.

I think /guess people will live up to 200 years old in 100 years. or In my opinion,in 100 years, people will live up to 200 years old 祝你开心如意!O(∩_∩)O~~

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