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幸福其实很简单 1.Happiness is simple 2.Happy and actually very simple 3.the happiness is just simple in fact 4.the happy life can be very simple 5.happiness is in fact easy 6.well-being has always been very simple 给你6种说法

Every students has thier own specialty. or Every students is unique.

"Put aside your worries and enjoy happiness easily!" 【公益慈善翻译团】真诚为您解答!

Fruit salad production process is simple 这个是直翻!

Each of the students are so special 这个必须专业阿、给分啊

1. Will you finish the dishes in twenty minutes? We are in a hurry. / We are hurried to catch the plane. 2. How long will the dumplings be cooked? / How soon will the dumplings cooked? 3. Usually, how long does it take the dump...

你好, Hi! 我连续几天再给你写信,但一直没有得到您的回复。 I wrote you a few letters but so far I haven’t heard a word from you. 可能您最近比较忙,没有时间看邮箱。 Maybe you are too busy to check your mailbox. 也可能你那边的邮箱...

幸福 生气 难过 疼痛 哭泣 逞强 痛苦 (重复了) 烦恼 鄙视 惊讶 复杂微妙 期待 打坏主意 嘲笑 感动 为什麽?! 微笑 糟糕了 紧迫 完全不知道 好困 打击 闹彆扭 自满 发呆 告白 遮羞 傻瓜(看表情应该是骂别人傻瓜的意思) 被发现了 '荒ぶる鹰''是出自...

其实很简单 - 贾乃亮 词:谭旋 曲:谭旋 我渴望过得平凡 生活平平淡淡 醒来身边有另一半 说一句早安 幸福就像摩天轮 不停得转转转 每天重复我不会烦 因为爱要最简单 总害怕相处很难 其实很简单 每次故意刁难 每次共患难 这都与爱情相关 相爱没有...

To show your love is easy.Sometimes just an eye touch,or a greeting will do. 爱其实很简单,有时只是一个眼神,一句问候足矣

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