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签到 英文

打卡 punch card ; clock in ; punch the clock 双语例句如下: 1、另一种很常见的设备是"打卡"机。 Another very common device is a "punch-card" machine. 2、《帮助美国投票法》(HelpAmericaVoteAct)向自愿更换打卡投票机和"拉杆"投票机的选...

sign in indicate one's arrival by signing a register签到 *Teachers go to the office and sign in each morning before going to their classrooms.教师们每天早晨先到办公室签到,然后去教室上课。

daily bonus 也有说 Daily Click,daily sign-in

sign in. 签到一般都是上课“签到”

签到 sign in check in

Media Reception Reception是比较常用的字,也可以改为: Desk(比较生活化一点),Counter(比较商业化一点), Console(比较文绉绉), Check in(比较针对性一点)....比较适合会议性的还是第一个。

"签到处" 用英文 sign-desk sign-in booth "Check In"

"Sign in office" 例句 专用休息室和签到处。 A dedicated lounge and check-in area. provided by jukuu 重点词汇释义 签到处 sign-in desk; check-in desk; registry; reception

你好! 签到墙 Sign in the wall

对应的英语: Please foreigners go there to sign. I'm only responsible for Chinese. (请注意, 歪果仁对这种安排是不满意的!)

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