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我是初三的学生 我的英语很差,我现在懂翻译英文成...

I am a third grade student in junior high school.我是一个初三的学生

He is a student of grade three in a middle school. 或者按照北美的说法 He is a Grade Nine student.

I am a student who is in grade three.Due to the school work is too heavy, so I don't want to lose my freedom .And the following is my reasons . Freedom is important for everyoneTherefore everyone doesn't want to be controlled, ...

I'm a middle school student of Grade Three,and I will graduate soon.


My name is Li Tao, and I am a student from junior grade three.

I am the third grade student in the middle school which is the sixth middle school. 或者I am the third grade student in the middle school, and I study in the sixth middle school.

【初三的小朋友,我大部分的句式和单词选取都尽量让你理解和认识,自己看一下,如果有不满意的可以改动一下】 Zhoulin,Look at this movie advertisement. It seems interesting, Yes,I think so.How about watching a film this weekend? It so...

During the last month of my junior high school, I don't wish to be one of the most outstanding students, but I do want to make a difference and be able to prove myself.

你好 很高兴回答你的问题 翻译为: 当我升入初三后学习压力变大了 When I study pressure to the third day after the 望采纳 谢谢

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