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用这些英语单词造句 每个词造一句拜托学霸帮忙了

Great changes have taken place in my hometown. I want to be a volunteer. A peal of church bells rang out in the distance. Maria is come from Africa. She shall sew a slit sheet shut. I have ever been to the Great Wall. He knows ...


connect : You can connect the machine to your hi-fi. overnight: The weather remained calm overnight. attention: Later he turned his attention to the desperate state of housing in the province. review: The next day we reviewed t...

These apples are inexpensive


It is such an interesting book that I want to read it again .

I have a basketball. Ido not a baseball. Do you have a baseball? I like an apple. Ido not like bananas . Do you like an apple?

As you was late for school yesterday, which was not the case happening often in your life, you had better not to be late again from tomorrow on. 昨天你上学迟到了,而你平时不常迟到,所以从明天开始你最好不要再迟到了。



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