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用这些英语单词造句 每个词造一句拜托学霸帮忙了


全部写成 I can't make a sentence with the word like 单词

they settle in a small town.

These apples are inexpensive


It is such an interesting book that I want to read it again .

现在时:I buy this table.我买这张桌子。 过去时:I bought the table yesterday.这张桌子是我昨天买的。 将来时:I will buy a bicycle next month。我下一个月将买辆自行车。 现在进行时:I am buying some food for dinner.我正在买些食物当...


We had all things in common in those days. 那时我们共同分享一切东西。 As for my desert, I'd like a chocolate milk shake. 甜食我要巧克力牛奶冰淇淋。 This lesson adds to the value of the book. 这一课增加了这本书的价值。 Here is t...

i have difficulties waking up early for school

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