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9 OUT OF 15 WORDS什么意思

9 OUT OF 15 WORDS 15出9字 9 OUT OF 15 WORDS 15出9字

out of words 用尽了词汇 双语例句 1 Unfortunately, there I run out of words. 很遗憾,我已经用尽了我的词汇。 2 He stopped abruptly, as though he had run out of words, and turned back to hisbreakfast. 他突然停住了,好象没话可说了...


You took the words right out of my mouth. 你说了我想说的话。


C 试题分析:考查连词辨析。句意:一旦话已出口,你不能收回你说的话。Take back 收回。they are out of your mouth是主句的假设条件,故选C项。 考点 : 考查连词辨析

① nice words: 好话 ②最酷的东西: the coolest thing ③校刊 : school magazine/paper, college journal ④ 填空 think of,think out,think over,think about 1.Those words made me (think of) my uncle. 2.Susan( thought out ) a good idea at...

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