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I wAnt to FinD A girlFriEnD是什么意思?

I want to find a girlfriend 我想找个女朋友 双语例句 1 He had been going out with his girlfriend for seven months. 他同女朋友已经交往7个月了。 2 My girlfriend is my main partner in this, though, since we eat the most meals toget...

fuck English.maybe you could consider me


I'm sure you can do it,come on!


我要找一个女朋友。。。。。 我想找一个女朋友,身高163cm以上,19-28岁,宽容体贴,高中毕业或同等学历。

德国人说 I want you to be my girlfriend, 这说明是认真的,显然看不出开玩笑的成分。 但德国人这句话的说法应该是:Ich bitte dich, meine Freundin zu werden. . 带zu不定式作主语: 就是把不定式置于主语的位置,例如: z. B. Deutsch zu le...

I want a girl friend. =I want to have a girl friend. 句子意思 我想要一个女朋友

If you really want to find a girl friend then the first thing you need to do is: Get out there and talk to girls! But stop behaving like a nerd because girls don't like nerdy guys. Though don't over do it and become a jerk, jus...


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