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With Lights Out

Its just red and white Get a little older And thats alright Seven years cold out by the side Brought you some flowers And every day gets longer I guess you might get a little quieter and thats alright Still I keep holding on to...

恩,With The Lights Out这里面有很多歌没有,但大都是KURT一个人在家的DEMO,他们毕竟一开始只有三个人,只有吉他鼓没有贝斯音乐上可能就不会那么丰满了。尤其是他们玩噪音的时候,鼓和贝斯铺底,KURT就可以在那“瞎搞”了…… 其实你听Krist的贝斯...


With the lights outit s less dangerousHere we are nowEntertain usI feel stupidand contagiousHere we are nowEntertain usA mulattoAn albinoA mosquitoMy ...

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