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Days Of The Week SongThere are seven days in every single week And every single one of them has it’s own special name And every name is different, each one is unique But the order that they follow is always the same Sunday, Mon...

Days of the week 网络 星期; 一周七天; 一周七日; 一周的每一天; 星期之歌 双语例句 1 Saturday and Sunday are the best days of the week. 星期六和星期天是一个星期中最好的时光。 2 The teacher runs them through a drill& the days of th...

days of the week 一周的日子; 星期; 一星期的日子; 一周七天; 一周的星期



day of the week[英][dei ɔv ðə wi:k][美][de ʌv ði wik] 礼拜; 例句: 1. A nonexistent date certainly does not have a day of the week. 一个不存在的日期自然也就没有星期几。 2. Mentally finding out the day of...

days of the week 一周中的几天 双语例句 Days Of The Week 一个星期的七天


days of the weak 弱者的时期

the days of the week 英 [ðə deɪz ɔv ðə wi:k] 美 [ði dez ʌv ði wik] n. 一周的日子 网络 星期歌; 一周中的日子; 双语例句 1 You know the days of the week. 你知道了一星期中的各天的称呼。

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