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four out of five和four fifths有区别,前者译作“五分之四的”,作形容词用,可直接跟名词或名词词组的复数形式,如:four out of five students(五分之四的学生);后者译作“五分之四”,作名词用,不能直接跟名词或名词词组,需要接“of”,如:f...

four out of five 五分之四 例句: 1. Any luck? Four out of five. Can you believe that? 运气如何?5个中了4个,你相信吗?

四分之五 还有一种表示方法 four fifths

Lou Bega-Mambo No.5 One, two , three four, five everybody in the car so come on let's ride To the liqueur-store around the corner, 是这首吧?

小题1:A小题2:C小题3:C小题4:D小题5:B 略

介词in的用法: in |ɪn| used to show a rate or relative amount (显示比率或相对数量) 双语示例: ●a gradient of one in five 五分之一的坡度 ● Last year, one in five boys left school without a qualification. 去年,五分之一的...

tabata w.o.d歌曲

The Flood - Cheryl Cole bring it on Turn the lights out' In the light house' I saw you coming' Felt the ship wreck Saw the wreckage' I heard you yelling' Just a mess when I saw your reflection in the sand' Wondering where you w...

这是二维字符串数组,你可以这样看,char a[5][]={"one","two","three","four","five"}; "one"是 'o':a[0][0], 'n';a[0][1], 'e';a[0][2]

歌曲名: Are You Ready 歌手名: creed 专辑名: Human Clay Creed - Are You Ready Hey, Mr. Seeker hold on to this advice If you keep seeking you will find Dont want to follow Down roads been walked before Its so hard to find unop...

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