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Genome Biology publishes research articles, new methods and software tools, in addition to reviews and opinions, from the full spectrum of biology, including molecular, cellular, organism or population biology studied from a ge...

达晋编译-专业的SCI论文服务机构为您解答: 这个你可以去web of science上面查看,如果上面有的话那就是SCI杂志的,如果灭有那就不是咯。


Genome BiologyGenome ResearchBMC GenomicsBMC Systems BiologyBMC Structural BiologyPROTEINS: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics.Molecular Systems Biology我能一...

BMC plant biology 不属于SCI或SSCI 只能搜到:BMC International Health and Human Rights BMC Medical Education BMC Medical Ethics BMJ Quality Safety

Genome Sciences/Genomics Genetics Physiology Molecular Physiology Cell Physiology Endocrinology Reproductive Biology Cardiovascular Science Exercise Physiology Vision ... 《Genome Biology》-芝麻基因组测序完成

photons”和“A draft sequence of the neandertal genome”,则分别引用了253和...是2011年发表在《Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology》上的“Prions”,...

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