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phAsE out是什么意思

phaseout [英]['feɪzaʊt][美]['feɪzˌaʊt] n.分阶段(或逐步)的停止(或结束、完成等); 例句 1.However, the industry may have to pay a higher price for tobacco once the phaseout begins. 不过,一旦开始逐步停...

1.phase in: V. to intriduce something in stages or gradually 逐步采用或实施 The government is going to phase in the new pension scheme over five years, 政府将在五年内逐步实施新的退休金计划. 2.phase out v. to stop or remove some...

逐步淘汰 逐步取消 分阶段停止使用

out-of-phase 英['aʊt'əvf'eɪz] 美['aʊt'əvf'eɪz] [词典] 脱相,不同相,失相; [例句]The anomalous water vapor transport in drought and flood years is not a simpleout-of-phase relation; 旱年和涝年的异常...

in phase英 [in feiz] 美 [ɪn fez] [释义]同相; -- out phase英 [aut feiz] 美 [aʊt fez] [释义]异相,不同相

in phase:同相(具有波性质的物质) out phase:不同相

同相位的声波、反相位的声波 百度嫌我字数不够

这个不是消退,消退是Fading phase out的翻译是跃离,整个异能叫时间跳跃(Phasing),是个很古老的异能,也是个很复杂的异能。 按照官方FAQ While it's phased out, it's treated as though it doesn't exist. It phases in before you untap dur...

逐渐淘汰,逐渐下市,逐渐结束的时间段。phase out period

phase out of personal exemption 词典结果 phase out of personal exemption 个人豁免阶段

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