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piCturE DisplAy是什么意思

picture display 英 [ˈpiktʃə disˈplei] 美 [ˈpɪktʃɚ dɪˈsple] [医]图象显示 双语例句 1. Main electric motor picture display vehicle speed, paper feed, even paper, separate pieces et...

Display Picture 全部释义和例句>> [医]图象显示 图像显示器;图片展示;图象显示;画面显示

你说的是Grid 数据库窗口 里的 general - Grid -display 吧 0)on 1)off 2)displayonly 3)printonly 是的话,这个是网格线的设置: 0,显示 1,不显示 2,只在浏览时显示 3,只打印出网格线


DP n. Acronym for Display Picture. Can be any sort of profile picture on a social networking site (such as facebook) or an instant messaging system. v. To put a picture as your profile picture on social networking site or insta...


2.Have you ___the picture on the display board? A.look B.see C.put...use fire not only to cook food but also to melt metals.(保持原句意思)...

const uint8_t table[100000]={0xfe.........}; lcd_display_picture((uint8_t *)table);

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