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place an order [英][pleis æn ˈɔ:də][美][ples ən ˈɔrdɚ] 定购(货物); 预订; 例句: 1. Do you have this kind of product in stock? We'd like to place an order. 这种产品你们有现货吗?我们想订...


你好! 下订单 Place the order

A 试题分析:How soon多久;How long多长;How often多久一次。根据下文,大约三天后,先生。可知上文问的是,如果我今天下单,我多久可以拿到我的平板电脑?故选A。

没错,但是不常用。 引申词组:play an/sb's order ; play an/sb's order with sb; play an order of sth 在以后英语的应用中,尽量使用常用词组 如上例可以用order sth代替



结构方程模型估计出现错误提示可以是数据有缺失。 1、点击那个"View",然后点"Analysis Properties"。 2、会看到“Estimate means and intercepts"。 3、...

I place an order in the morning, it reaches the destination in the afternoon. Online shopping saves time and money on transportation. But it also has ...

same, while the most expensive of that House, you can place an order.Disadvantages...Because the clothes and shoes to try on yourself to know is that ...

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