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你好! make a trip for fun 去旅行的乐趣


are your eady for your trip tomorrow 你已经为你明天的旅行 例句: 1. Tell me your plan for tomorrow. 告诉我你明天的计划。 2. Got to get you home to pack.get ready for your trip tomorrow. 你回家打典行李.准备好明天的行程. 3. No won...

如果拿了奖学金person/entity paying for your trip这一项就填给你奖的学校的名字。 I-20表格上肯定会给出联系人和电话你仔细找找。 实在不行发邮件问小秘。

get ready for a trip abroad traveling abroad is of great benefit for those who make the most use of it. in order to make the trip meaningful, getting ready for it becomes inevitable. first of all, one should apply for a passpor...


Here is my plan for my trip.I will visit Hainan with my parents next week.We are going to stay there for a week.We will go there by plane.We will swim in the sea,walk along the beach,eat local food and buy something for my frie...

Is everything ready for the trip 旅行要的所有东西都准备好了吗? Is anything ready for the trip 旅行要的东西有任何一件准备好了吗? 这里你显然想要表达的是第一种意思,于是应该用everything。

go for a business trip的意思是: 去出差 例句: You've been itching to go on a business trip for months. 你想出差都想好几个月了。 Kyle: Ah hah, you must be happy. You've been itching to go on a business trip formonths. 啊哈,你...

getreadyforthetrip get ready for the trip 为这次旅游作准备

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